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Boundless possibilities in healing, meditation and experiencing sound 

The VISphere uses varying forms of sound therapy and soundscape emulations for healing purposes. This platform has the potential to become the ultimate tool for sound journey and meditation, by immersing the listener in the VIS sound experience.

The VISphere can be used to enhance any healing modality to it’s full potential.

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Sound Mixer

Sound Healing

The science and art of sound as a healing tool dates back thousands of years, since the ancestors discovered the power of creative sound. Frequencies filled with intention can bring us back into the ‘right’ resonance with the frequencies of a healthy body, heart and mind. We are connecting ancient wisdom with current cutting edge technology to serve and uplift humanity.

We are focused on making a profound impact with sound healing and energy work inside the VISphere. Our goal is to connect with energy workers and healers around the world to develop this platform to it's fullest potential.

We want to support healers of all modalities to enhance their current practice and help spread the magic of sound healing throughout the world.


Journey and Meditation

Imagine immersing yourself in a sensory deprivation environment, allowing the 22 speaker array to move sound and energy around you and within you.

Inside the VISphere, the possibilities in the realms of journeying and meditation are boundless.

We are currently developing guided meditation programs on our Virtual Immersive Sound platform.  These half hour to one hour journeys will be open to the public for testing during our BETA trial, starting May 2019.

Man in Studio

Music Creation

The VISphere provides us with a unique platform to take music creation to the next level. With our 22 channel network and custom algorithms, we are able to program your favorite tracks for you to enjoy in Virtual Immersive Sound.
Even more exciting is the ability to compose original works with moving sound. Using our VR spatial production technology and the VISphere, we will compose Sacred music in a way that has never been experienced before.

Vision: Features

Experience VISphere

Virtual Immersive Sound

We want to share VISphere with the world and we invite you to come to Costa Rica to try it for yourself!

Whether you are a musician, sound healer, or just curious, we would love for you to be a part of this groundbreaking project.

Vision: Welcome
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