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Inspired By Spirit

The VISphere idea was born around 2003 as a challenge to re-create natural soundscapes in a sound system and allow sound healing and music production in a non conventional speaker setup. The first experiments were on a 4 and 6 speaker system and the idea remained dormant since the technology was not available to create it. The team, led by Vismay who never gave up the idea, came back to work during 2016 and built the first ‘proof of concept’ with 16 speakers. In 2018 we started to build the current prototype that is used for sessions in sound healing and music creation.
Much of our time went into fitting the right sacred geometry into the structure and sound system array. For this step we used the help of 3D modeling inside a VR program.
Our building crew ,with Pablo as the construction manager, did wonders and within 3 months we completed the first VISphere structure. Fitting it with the right technology was a challenge and getting it down to the forest was a quest in itself. Gratefully, the parts all got here on time!
The next step was to calibrate all those speakers and start the tedious computer work that is mixing an audio signal between 22 speakers. Everything sounds different and incredibly enhanced in the Sphere so this adventure will certainly go on...

Development: About

See how we built the first VISphere

Development: Headliner
Development: Headliner
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